Our Vision For The Future!

Hey, Dan again!

We hope you're doing alright during these difficult and strange times.

We're always striving to provide the best for our customers; which in turn means a lot of preparation and time goes into our production, whether this is thinking of and creating designs, or just thinking of the right products for you.

Speaking of the right products, we have been thinking about what path we want to go down with our products and the designs.

We have made the decision to make the transition to begin creating the products right here in Manchester. This will be a slow process moving away from Printful, altough they have incredible products, great customer service and their quality of embroidery is fantastic, our transition will be fruitful for both our customers and ourselves as a company in the long run.

We are at a period of having the products printed, and quality assured and of course, we are continuing to use our organic and recycled fabric products.

There are going to be some products that will continue to be made by Printful, such as products that require embroidery, such as our Snapbacks and Backpacks.

We are massively looking forward to this transition, as a small business, we feel that this is a much needed change. This opens up many different opportunities for us such as marketing stalls, and even plots where we can sell to our local customers.

If you follow our social media platforms, you will see what we are doing to prepare for this change, so stay tuned!

Stay safe

- Dan

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