Trees for Charities launching January 1st

Good morning,

We've got some incredible news for you! We've been discussing what more we can do for the environment as a company, as we want continue being a low-carbon, eco-friendly business and will always continue to develop to lower our carbon footprint, much like when we partnered with Greenr.

We have decided to create a line that gives our customers the opportunity to aid projects and charities around the UK that are dedicated to their Woodland preservation and growth whilst supporting local business, and looking great whilst you do it.

Our new line will be named:

Trees for Charities

Each month we will be choosing a different UK charity that will be chosen via our social media platforms below using votes and polls:




We will be asking our followers to make their choice of who they would like the next charity to be for that month, and each month we will donate 10% of the profits from the Trees for Charities line to the chosen charity.

Our design will be a simple tree design to tie in which the rest of our products, and all clothing will be embroidered for maximum, long lasting quality. This design will be on our 100% organic t-shirts, poly-fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, and much more, including some brand new products we are yet to reveal.

Let's make 2021 an incredible year for the environment, our Alive Apparel Team and your wardrobe!

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