Our Ambassadors

At Alive, we believe that we all have one thing in common.
Our home, Earth.
We all need to stick together as one, be our best selves, and be kind/supportive to whoever you can.
Through our time on social media, we have brought on some of the most influencial, kind hearted, down to earth individuals to be ambassadors for our brand; from a range of platforms, and from all around the world, and here they are!
David - Deej_TV - United Kingdom
Loves a chat, plays the hard shooters. Loves a good challenge. He also has two dogs, what's not to love?
James - JFeetzz - United Kingdom
Variety streamer. RPG master and top of the league Football Manager. Huge Pokemon fan, loves a good conversation.
Lianne - PinipofTamriel - United Kingdom
Elder Scrolls Online streamer. Cosplay, grinding and always laughing; you won't want to miss a stream.
Nathan - NathanRobinson - United Kingdom
One of the nicest people on the internet. Loves a chat, loves to play a variety of games; but more importantly, loves getting to know his community.
Marco - Stallion (Twitch Partner) - United Kingdom
The Stallion. Full Time COD God.
Community driven content, hilarious and always laughing.
Partnered Discord, and Partner of TikTok and Twitch.
Gino - TheMexicanMoose - United Kingdom
DJ and Vartiety Streamer. Performed at Twitch London Winter 2019. Massively talented musician, fresh and delightful content, always.
Luke - ItsLukeSutton - Wisconsin, USA
Full time Psychology Student. COD Master, CSGO Extraordinaire and Minecraft Adventurer. All he wants is to spread happiness.
Matt - ExitLeftTV - United Kingdom
Photogenic variety streamer; loves a good pose.
High energy content, always happy and getting involved with his community.
This page will continue to grow, the more we have involved.
The more support we have, the more money we all raise for The Woodland Trust, and the more ourselves at Alive can continue to improve and develop.
We offer each of our ambassadors a discount code, if you want to find out what that code is, check them out!