Partnered with Greenr

I know what you're thinking, what is Greenr and why is Alive partnered with them?

You may have noticed, when you add something new to your cart, there is an option to reduce your carbon footprint by adding £1 to your order. Y'know, this one:
This gives you the option to add £1 to your order which will go towards reducing the carbon footprint of your order; such as what is used to create, send and deliver your order.
How, I hear you ask? Here's how:
Greenr work with many organisations that are committed to helping earth become a healthier, greener place. How it should be.
Greenr have chosen many projects based on their efforts to make these changes such as:
  • Forest Carbon - Founded in 2006, is the UK's leading developer in woodland creation projects for business carbon footprints. Themselves, with their partners have planted 8.5 million trees in 172 new woodlands around the UK.
  • CO2balance - CO2balance develop and implement projects that deliver the combined benefit of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving socio-economic conditions for target communities. Greenr partnered with CO2 balance for their Borehole and fuel-efficient stove projects in Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Malawi, Rwanda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
  • Ecosphere+ - Mission-driven business that helps companies create and implement nature-based solutions that enable them to succeed in a world aligned with global climate and development goals. There are two leading offsetting projects in Peru: Corgillera Azul and Nii Kaniti. The Cordillera Azul project is working in a huge landscape of 3.7 million hectares, to protect 1.6 million hectares of threatened forest. They aim to establish sustainable livelihoods through technical assistance, and using agroforestry system for sustainable cocoa and coffee production. In tern this will help tens of thousands of local people gain access to basic services such as sanitation, health care and education. The Nii Kaniti project focuses on avoiding deforestation and protecting the rainforest through scaling up sustainable community forest management. They introduce conservation activities that put a value on indigenous-leg development with FSC certified timber extraction and cacao agroforestry.

For more information on this partnership, the projects your money will go to, or even to get involved, visit

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