Shipping and Charges


Alive Apparel Ltd. is based in Manchester, UK. All Alive Apparel products are fulfilled (printed or embroidered) and sent from Manchester, UK. and we use Royal Mail as our courier. We typically send our packages 2nd Class and have the expectation of 3-5 business days as the delivery period. All of our packaging is made from recycled materials, also.

If you have ordered from overseas, you, the customer are responsible for custom fees, Alive Apparel Ltd. have no obligation to cover such fees.


Do we ship Worldwide? Yes.

Does we provide free UK shipping for Stallion products? No.

*Please note, some of our products are fulfilled internationally; if a product is fulfilled within the United States (Stallion Merch), this will be in the description of the product to avoid confusion. If you order a product that is fulfilled in the United States, from outside of the United States, please expect delays. If there is no region of fulfilment mentioned in the description; this means it is stocked and fulfilled by Alive Apparel Ltd. within the UK.

Due to the manufacturing region of your product, for example, choice of sizing being only available internationally, yourself (the customer) will be responsible for any custom charges incurred.

Find further shipping information and pricing here:

Shipping rates are decided by Printify and NOT by Alive Apparel Ltd. These are standard shipping rates for depending on your area of required delivery.

Please be aware that the nature of Stallion's collection is as follows; orders are fulfilled by various companies within the United States, therefore time to fulfil the product, and send varies from company to company and country to country. 

With our usage of these various companies, we have allowed Printify to ensure another (if available) fulfilment company can provide the garment if any the choice of the customer is not available at the company chosen by Alive Apparel Ltd.

If you have a question relating to shipping, please email